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Teamable’s software builds the teams that build tomorrow and save lives

We are a team-first company that is building the smartest way to hire the right teammates for every team. In today’s world, team is the fundamental unit of success.

Our team combines deep knowledge in scaling high performing teams, building fast and intuitive software, and leveraging data to help target and hire the exact right people to accelerate product development, customer success and healthcare at the most innovative companies worldwide.

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 With love – The Teamable Team

The Team

Hovhannes Nurijanyan PhD


Hovhannes has extensive experience in developing highly scalable and high traffic web applications and services. As the Chief Architect, he is responsible for the planning and design behind the Teamable Software. Who better to have such a major responsibility than someone whose hobbies include solving math equations.

Laura Bilazarian 


Laura previously investment banked on Wall Street, built hotels in Vietnam, and won national rugby championships. She graduated from Wharton, but thinks rugby and travel taught her more about business than school.

Meruzhan Danielyan


Meruzhan has worked at various Silicon Valley-based companies, where he became disillusioned with the way big companies formed teams.  From this, the idea for intelligent software that would handle this problem was created.  If you need a travel companion, contact him; his love of traveling and exploring leads him to go anywhere, with anybody, at anytime.

Vazgen Hakobjanyan


Vazgen brings 14+ years of experience in software product engineering to the team. Computer science is his passion, and he loves to utilize his skillset to bless people with new products that make their lives easier and more entertaining. He is also quite mean with a tennis racket in his hand.

Pukar Hamal


Pukar is really passionate about the efficient allocation of human capital and envisions a world in which every individual can find the right opportunity. He graduated from Stanford University and led Sales efforts at TalentBin (acquired by Monster, NSDQ: MWW) before joining Teamable.

Jess Dolnick


Jess is passionate about helping people create rockstar teams by providing people with the tools they need to build them. After graduating from Princeton she moved to San Francisco from the east coast to sink her teeth into some software sales and remodeled the MDR onboarding process at her previous company, TalentBin. When she’s not slaving away at work, she enjoys going to concerts, checking out new restaurants and doing fashion illustration.

Khachik Badeyan


Khachik likes to experiment to try out various ways to improve things and use the data to understand what is, or isn’t working and why. He believes that quick iterations lead to better results. He also believes that in 50 years from now we will have the tech to upload our minds to new bodies, and in 150 years we will have colonies on Jupiter’s moons.

Daniil Karp


As Director of Marketing at Teamable, Daniil is excited to help companies connect with and recruit a diverse, high quality workforce that drives a more open and equitable economy. Daniil brings extensive experience in data-driven, revenue marketing that connects professionals with the tools and services that drive results.

Tomasz Borys


Tomasz brings over 12 years of marketing experience in both B2C and B2B sectors. He’s worked on brands ranging from Nintendo Power, Microsoft, to his last previous role as Director of Marketing at Kissmetrics. Away from work, you can find him dipping his feet in the river while fishing, injuring his thumb while gaming, hacking away at a golf club, or running around the park with his 2 year-old daughter and recent newborn son.

Nane Beglaryan


Nane is responsible for customer relationship retention and optimization. Studied and worked as journalist before joining our team. Loves cozy evenings with friends, wine and interesting board games.

Jeff Von Ward


Jeff has over ten years of experience working with customers on cutting edge software products from companies like Adobe, Macromedia, and, most recently, Talentbin at Monster. He has a BA from UC Santa Cruz and an MFA from California College of the Arts. In his spare time, he enjoys writing fiction and making documentary films.

Lindsey Eatough


Lindsey Eatough studied electrical engineering at University of Pennsylvania and proceeded to work for Deloitte and Checkmate (acquired by TrustYou) in both technology and customer success. She is excited to help Teamable’s customers leverage data and technology to find the right teammate for every team. Jersey-born, you can find her traveling or doing anything water related, including sailing and scuba diving.

Shahe Jokarian


Shahe is interested in solving machine learning problems and automating tasks using data. In his opinion, if knowledge discovery is the most important thing, then making it available is the next. He likes to work and meet people with diverse cultural backgrounds. If you like food you most probably will enjoy spending time with him.

Satine Kalantaryan


Satine has a knack for following the quality of data, and utilizes it to help create tools that clients need. She is currently completing a masters program in computer science. When she’s in her zone, you can often hear Led Zeppelin blasting out her headphones in the office.

Saten Kalantaryan


Saten strongly believes that we can make the world a bit better with our actions.
Yoga lover, extremely passionate about discovering new places, people and cultures, she admits that traveling is the healthiest addiction one can have.

Karen Javadyan


Karen is a problem solver who likes to think ahead of the curve. He is so good at what he does, that “Code Fighting” is one of his hobbies. Google it. His answer when asked how he juggles work and university simultaneously? Sleep 4 hours a night.

Artak Niazyan


Artak loves to make sure that everything is running tip-top. There is no problem that he isn’t willing to face head on. Maybe it comes from his experience as a Sergeant of Reserve in the Army. He also holds a degree in Natural Science, which didn’t help much when he decided to extinguish a fire with homemade vodka instead of water. Whoops

Vardan Alaverdyan


Vardan is so dedicated to programming that it’s been said that his fingers have matrix-like abilities when he’s in the zone. When he’s not doing slow motion backflips on his keyboard, he loves to travel and delve into sights previously unknown to him.

Mikayel Ghazaryan


Mikayel is doing web professionally since 2003. He is a Unix Way adept and prefers to keep it stupid simple, but not simpler. He loves to learn new things, constantly works on his skills and keep brain busy with all those questions of life, the universe and everything.

Narek Hovsepyan


Narek has extensive experience in machine learning and data science. His analytic thinking and passion of problem solving helps him effectively complete each of his tasks. He is an excellent team worker and in any situation he uses all his efforts to achieve better results. He also loves sport, especially when it comes to basketball or tennis he is quite a good player.

Levon Hakhverdyan


Levon is excited to join Teamable where he will help tackle data challenges! He sees himself as both a team player and adept at working independently, depending on the challenge he is currently facing. He also loves teaching, and is a professor of Computer Networking. When he’s not working, Levon loves playing music and writing his own songs.

Anoush Hakobyan


Anoush believes there is only one queen in the world of languages: it is Javascript. She is not only fascinated by it but also likes to tease with Javascript’s tricky questions. Anoush can tell about the new things and solutions of frontend development for long hours, and you can be sure that even babies will not fall asleep. When she finally gets over speaking about frontend development, she trippingly passes to books, and you can enjoy another hour of literature analysis.

Taguhi Asatryan


Taguhi is a talented junior Chrome app Developer with a huge potential to become a talanted developer. She is always positive with fresh ideas and always ready to give a solution to get a better result! Taguhi loves play piano in lunch time and always deserves loud applause.

Angela Markosyan


Angela is a recent Yerevan State University graduate where she loved studying graph algorithms and complex math problems. She believes in the power of time, and loves Python because it helps people use their time better. When she’s in the zone, she loves to listen to Metal and Rock music in order to concentrate.

Carrie Jane Gershoff


Carrie is a Bay Area native who is thrilled to have returned after recently graduating from Tufts University. She is passionate about meeting and connecting with new people, which is what led her to becoming part of Teamable. She also loves reading, writing, drinking wine, and playing with her dog, Raven.

Talha Husayn


Talha is a seasoned sales executive who likes to get his hands dirty. He started a company in 2009 selling windows (the kind you put on a house). Then IaaS software at RightScale, where he broke company records, attaining top SDR. From there he lead sales development at Cloudvelox and Neptune, making a significant impact on revenue. He loves to surf, snowboard, and attend music festivals.

Mariam Morozova


Mariam loves to code. For her, it’s a true art form as it combines technical skills with creative ones. When a JavaScript date has gone bad, she always says “Don’t call me, I’ll call you back! I promise!” Maybe you had to be there.

Mher Safaryan


Mher has extensive experience with data quality and search features, and is currently working towards obtaining a PhD in Mathematics. He is also an avid cyclist, and describes his daily routine as “math, programming, and cycling”.

Edgar Mkrtchyan


Edgar loves to make the digital world just a bit prettier. One of his favorite things to do is overcome complex problems and use his creative process to implement the best possible course of action. Oh yea, he also studies Buddhism in his spare time.

Stella Fang


Stella is a recent UCLA graduate who finds fulfillment in helping others through data driven problem solving. She passionately pursues many different hobbies and is a certified yoga and violin teacher. After living in Los Angeles area her whole life, Stella is excited to be in the Bay Area for the startup tech scene.

Chris Fry

Chris led the scaling of Salesforce’s engineering from 40 to 600, and Twitter’s from 400 to 1,600.  He’s also a pretty decent kiteboarder.

Raffi Krikorian 

Raffi scaled Twitter’s platform engineering team from 10 to 450 and is now building the future of transportation at Uber.  We can’t confirm it, but we’ve heard on the weekends he competes in flying suit races against Iron Man.



(415) 766-7134